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The Subdued Radio Hour

Dec 31, 2019

Episode 2 of The Subdued Radio Hour with host Robert Sarazin Blake. Featuring live recordings from The Subdued Stringband Jamboree

Originally aired on Dec. 10th, 2019


If I Had A Dollar by Hot Damn Scandal, 2013

City Window by Douglas Stranger, 2013

Meg Perry by The Reverie Machine, 2013

Easy by The Reverie Machine, 2013

Titanic by The Gouran Girls and Robert Sarazin Blake, 2013

Gold Watch Blues by The Devily Brothers, 2013

Fleur de Mandragore by Gallowglass, 2015

The Choice Wife by Jack Dwyer and Tim Connel, 2013

Bathtub Syncopations by Kit Stymee Stovepipe, 2007

Made Up Dreams by I Love You Avalanche, 2007

Instrumental by Dorronsoro eta Hicks, 2015

Want You To Know by The Sons Of Rainier, 2017

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